Bunifu UI WinForms 5.0.3 / Dataviz v2.1.5 / Charts 1.0.1

Bunifu UI WinForms 5.0.3 / Dataviz v2.1.5 / Charts 1.0.1


Bunifu is the perfect framework for building beautiful interfaces in C # and Visual Basic languages. Always building professional UIs in any application, in any language and environment, consumes a great deal of the power of the programming team. Making a user interface is especially difficult if you have high sensitivity. In addition, UI design is a specialized matter, and not that a good programmer is necessarily a good designer.

This framework makes designing professional, beautiful and modern interfaces much easier. There are over 25 beautiful and eye-catching components in the collection that include attractive controls, transitions and animations. All controls and transitions are customizable. The controls can change the default properties so it is not difficult to change the controls in this set. This set is designed to minimize coding so that the programmer focuses more on code logic than designing program controls, but you will still need to modify and customize controls everywhere. .

Components of this set include calendar controls, a variety of checkboxes, radio buttons, different style buttons, switches on and off, load progress, data, color selection windows, and more. Datagrid controls in this package are highly customizable, you can change the color of the diagrams in one go, have full control over padding and text distance from cells, styling the Datagrid is also easy. If you already have experience with other companies, working with this company will not be too time consuming. However, if you have a problem, you can learn the documentation, the online guide and the ready-to-use code for the component.

Bunifu UI Control List:

  • How To Use DropDown Menu Control
  • How To Use Bunifu Drag Control
  • Bunifu Ellipse Component – Adds rounded Corners to forms and controls
  • BunifuCalendar
  • BunifuCards
  • BunifuCheckBox
  • BunifuCircleProgressBar
  • BunifuColorChooser
  • BunifuFlatButton
  • BunifugradientPanel
  • BunifuImageButton
  • BunifuIOSSwitch
  • BunifuProgressBar
  • How to use BunifuRange control
  • How to use BunifuRating Control
  • Datagrid
  • How to use line buttons
  • How to use BunifuMetroTextBox Control
  • How to use BunifuMaterialTextBox Control
  • How to use BunifuThinButton Control
  • Animator is not found in the tool bar?
  • Gauge control code example

Required system  

Bunifu UI and Bunifu Dataviz currently work for C# and VB.NET languages, specifically and specially designed for Windows Forms applications.

Minimum System Requirements 

To effectively get the most out of our tools, your system needs to meet the following minimum requirements:

Runs on Windows.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher.

Visual Studio 2012 or later (recommended).

As a developer, you need to:

Have a basic knowledge of C# or VB.NET.

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